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Because of the lack of good-quality insulation, wrong choice and installation process of windows, insufficient insulation in places of heat loss, imperfect building technologies, the thermal losses of premises reach 30-70%.

On average level, the energy consumption of buildings in Ukraine is 230 kWh per 1 sq.m, that is 45% ahead of our nearest neighbor - Poland. The reason of such high energy consumption is not connected with the national characteristics of our culture, but the low level of energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is a technique for efficient energy consumption that allows to use less energy without changing the level of energy supply of buildings or technological production processes. If energy saving, basically, is aimed at cardinal reduction of energy consumption, then energy efficiency - on more useful energy expenditure.

More than 85% of the buildings in our country belong to energy efficiency classes with the lowest points E and F - buildings consume 25-50% more energy than they could, heating not the interior, but the street. Only 5% of new buildings belong to classes with the optimal indicators - C and B!

Throughout the world, the problem of high and unsustainable energy consumption finds its solution after an energy audit. Energy auditing is an integrated approach to the survey of an object in order to identify its technical condition and assess the level of energy efficiency, develops, harmonizes and implements an optimization plan and reduces energy consumption. The company conducts energy audits of buildings, cottages, restaurants, enterprises, factories, enclosing structures, engineering systems, accounting systems, manufacturing of energy passports of buildings and energy certificates. Increasing the level of energy efficiency in any enterprise is one of the urgent tasks, the solution of which allows more efficient management of funds. Reducing energy costs leads to a reduction in the cost of production or services.

The main objectives of energy audit:

  • Identification of the main cost items in the energy balance of the enterprise.
  • Identification and visualization of energy losses.
  • Optimization of consumed energy resources, determination of energy saving measures.

The company JV "Society for Technical Supervision DIEKS" LLC in works related to energy audits uses the instrument park only from the highest-class measuring equipment (Fluke, Flir, Laserliner), all instruments undergo mandatory calibration in accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2006 metrology laboratories. Experts who conduct energy audit, not only comply with the requirements of the European standards ISO 6781-3:2015 and ISO 50001:2011, but also have received special training and certification in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9712:2012 at the 2nd level of qualification in the visual method of nondestructive testing.

To detect all the heat losses in the building, only one thermal imaging session is required. Time - up to 3 hours.