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Survey of ports and marinas

Society of Technical Supervision «Diex» offers a new service – a complete survey of ports and marinas on the whole territory of Ukraine.
Our company is expanding the scope of its competence and, as part of a comprehensive survey of ports and berths, performs the following activities:

  1. Complete examination and estimation of the hydraulic structures: moorings, breakwaters,  concrete, brick and composite structures, analysis and structural assessment,
  2. Survey coastal cargo areas (zones of the port cranes), repair sites bulk carriers (slips),
  3. Soundings,
  4. Development passports for hydrotechnical constructions,
  5. Survey of port and port buildings and structures (including diving inspection) to determine:
    • compliance with the project and the requirements of existing regulations;
    • operational reliability and durability;
    • the possibility of changing modes of operation and efficiency; 
    • the scope and methods of repair or reconstruction; 
    • the quality of repair or reconstruction; 
    • the possibility of changing the functionality.

Our qualified specialists have extensive experience and are recognized experts in the field of evaluation of building structures.

Our company has modern equipment that allows high quality parts to carry as out surveys of surface facilities, as well as crane rail tracks.

Recommendations and design solutions (a result of surveys) allow maintaining an reinforced concrete and metal structures and to ensure the optimum mode of operation.