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History of our establishment

History begins in 2003, when a decision was made by German Company of Technical Supervision TÜV NORD GRUPPE to create a joint Ukrainian-German company "TÜV NORD-DIEKS", and so it happened.

In Europe TÜV NORD GRUPPE is knodwn to be one of the first supervision companies. Born in 1869, it counts more than 4500 people in 60 centers in Germany and 27 other countries all over the world. Representative offices of TÜV NORD GRUPPE are located in many different countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Sweden, USA, Greece, Italy, Turkey and China. In early 1990s, after the USSR breakup, the Company opened new representative offices in Eastern Europe — in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia.

In November 2010 our company left TÜV NORD GRUPPE, and in February 2011 changed the name on LLC “Ukrainian-German Joint company “Technical supervision Company DIEX“

LLC JV « Technical supervision Company DIEX» is the first company in Ukraine to be certified according to local standards and ISO / IEC 17020-2001as inspection authority in the field of conformity assessment and expertise in industrial safety and labor protection.

The system of quality control regarding to providing expertise in the field of labor protection is according to local standards and ISO 9001.

LLC JV « Technical supervision Company DIEX» is an authority to provide certification of the systems that control the labor protection according to local standards and OHSAS 18001.

Inspection services in the field of acceptance of the products are certified by certification authority TÜV Thüringen and are provided in accordance to ISO 9001.

In 2012, based on administrative order of Ministry of economic development and trading in Ukraine, company designated to be an authority on assessment of product compliance with technical regulations (UA.TR. 077), namely: technical regulations on elevators; technical regulations on safety of pressure equipment; technical regulations on safety of high pressure vessels.

Nowadays more than 120 people work in the company. Our main activities are expertise of labor protection and industrial safety.

We are among the leaders of expert organizations in Ukraine.

Practical application of the European experience of technical diagnosis, labor protection and industrial safety as well as strict compliance with applicable Ukrainian legislation allows us to work successfully and progressively in the field of industrial safety, realizing the full range of expert services.

Using the best experience of our partners in the face of the company, our company specializes in the field of industrial safety in the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, oil refining industries, which today are the leading industries in Ukraine. It means that it is required to perform work at a high technological level, using a set of methods for laboratory research and expert control.

Large-scale objects

Under the existing state of high-risk facilities, requirements for depth of analysis when assessing the technical state of the controlled object must be significantly increased. People's lives depend on how professional, reliable and fully diagnosis of object is held. Therefore, in our work JV « Technical supervision Company DIEX» uses all necessary methods of control. Thus, for example, assessment of equipment high-risk and prolong the life of a chemical plant for isothermal storage of ammonia, provides for all the work on NDT: ultrasonic testing, ultrasonic thickness measuring, inspection with magnetic particles, penetrant testing, thermal control, inspection of building load-bearing structures, the issuance of technological solutions , strength calculations, and so on.

Our regular costumers – LLC "TissenGroup Elevator Urkaine", SOE "MESSER UKRAINE", PC "Linde Gas Ukraine", "LUKOIL-UKRAINE",  SOE "Stirol Concern", LLC "Procter and Gamble Ukraine", SOE "LNIPROENERGO", SOE "KYIVENERGO", SOE "DniproAzot", SOE «Azot» Cherkassy, SOE "RovnoAzot" and so on.

Participation in large-scale projects of foreign companies

Support of construction works in the construction of oxygen plant of Messer Group implied work such as construction supervision, the necessary relevant examinations, X-ray inspection of the quality of welds, including work in difficult conditions.

 International experience

Practical application of the European experience of technical diagnostics, labor protection and industrial safety allows successfully and progressively work to the enterprise in the field of industrial safety, realizing the full range of expertise both in Ukraine and abroad.
In cooperation with European countries implemented large-scale projects in the Republic of Belarus, were examined equipment of high-risk of JSC "Grodno Azot", JSC "Mozyr Oil Refinery" with the report, technical recommendations for the operation and prolong life of the plant.
In Bulgaria, at the facilities "Bulgar Gas", "Lukoil Neftochim Burgas" surveyed equipment in geographically hard to reach areas, were found to be defective and issued recommendations for the further operation of pipelines.

In the Arab Republic of Egypt, on the subject "INSPECTA INTERNATIONAL EGYPT SAE" in Saudi Arabia, on the subject "INSPECTA INTERNATIONAL SAUDI LTD" expert works were performed, ultrasonic testing using method of directed waves.

Business reputation: confirmed by awards

LLC JV «Technical supervision Company DIEX» is the winner of the International Award "European Quality" and the winner of the "Best commodity producer of the year" in the category "Safety means": expertise for the protection and safety of high-risk; nondestructive testing, and certification of technical diagnostics equipment of high-risk ventures; Electrical Test and and energy consuming equipment (2007) and in the category "New types of high-quality services" (2008). Company is numerously awarded by sign "Industry Leader". According to the international rating of "League of the Best", the company holds one of the highest steps of the rating, certifying the obtained reward "Company of the Year (2011)."