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Lifting machines and devices

Кран башенный

Technical supervision Company “DIEKS” takes measures to expert inspection of cargo cranes of all types (travelling cranes, gantry cranes, tower cranes, portal cranes, transfer cranes, truck cranes, caterpillar cranes, railway cranes) and of elevators.

Expert inspection (technical diagnosis) is hold in order to define the technical state of equipment, the opportunity, practicability, terms and time limits of its safe exploitation, and also in order to define the necessity of maintenance, reconstruction and removing from service.

Expert inspection of equipment is held in following cases:

  • The end of service limit.
  • Reconstruction (of reequipment) or modernization.
  • Accidents or damages in order to define the opportunity of renewment.
  • The revelation of mechanical or corrosion wear, permanent deformation, cracks, other damages of components, details and their elements exceeding the limit during the technical diagnosis.
  • In other cases in accordance with current national income requirements or initiative of employer.

The main methods of non-destructive testing of lifting installations are:

  • visual control (VC);
  • magnetic particle testing (MPT);
  • ultrasonic testing (UT);
  • measuring method of stressed-deformed state of steel constructions (coercimetery)

Expert inspection of equipment is hold in accordance with requirements of  instructional guidelines, developed and approved according to the established procedure.

There are special local requirements providing work performances of expert inspection of cargo cranes and elevators in Ukraine.