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Electric installations


Силовой транформаторAccording to Accreditation certificate of measuring laboratory and Consent of State committee for the supervision of worker safety and health, electrical laboratory LLC JV « Technical supervision Company DIEKS» takes measurements and tests, certification, expert inspection, carries out television control and periodic check of grounding according to the schedule of tests and checkups of:

  • power transformers;
  • semiconductor converters and devices;
  • paper-oil power capacitors;
  • cable power lines;
  • overhead transmission lines;
  • collecting and congregative bars;
  • suspension and supporting insulators;
  • bushings and lead-in insulators;
  • oil and electromagnetic switches;
  • air-break switches;
  • voltage switches;
  • cut-outs with voltage higher than 1000 V;
  • disconnect switches, short-circuites, isolating switches;
  • valve-type arrester;
  • tubular arrester;
  • dry-type reactors;
  • measuring transformers; switchgears of indoor and outdoor installation;
  • alternating current motors;
  • grounding devices;
  • electric installations, apparatus, secondary wirings and wiring systems under the voltage of 1000 V.

Контроль параметров

Subsequent to the results of performed work electrical equipment documentation with marks about done works and records of measurements and test works are provided.

Technical experts of LLC JV « Technical supervision Company DIEX» carries out an expertise and extra engineering certification of electric constructions, including worked-out boundary term of exploitation electric constructions and issues expert reports.