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Visual and optical control

Control - is to check the process parameters or product compliance with requirements and regulations.

1. Visual control

Visual control is called inspection of the object that is carried out by inspector with the naked eye or with the use of simple optical devices: mirrors and magnifying glasses.
By visual inspection, operator must detect with the naked eye defect such as a crack or corrosion point of 0.1 mm or more.
Mirrors are used to inspect inaccessible places. Their main function is to change the angle of view. Mirrors with variable angle are very comfortable.
Magnifiers are used to increase the resolution of the eye, i.e. allow us to consider the finer details of the object of control. Nowadays for exploring inaccessible places, video endoscopes are used, allowing you to explore the inner surfaces of the objects to be inspected.

Набор для проведения визуального контроляВидеоэндоскоп MIGS 6300

2. Measuring control

The task of measuring control is establishing compliance with the standards and the numerical values ​​of monitored parameters. Elements of measuring control may be present in any method of nondestructive and destructive testing.