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Expertise of safety declaration HRO

GRO declaration must pass an examination of completeness study degree of danger and risk level, as well as the validity and sufficiency of measures taken to reduce the level of risk preparedness actions to localize and disaster recovery solutions.

Experts of our company conduct an examination of safety declaration GRO for compliance with requirements set forth in the "Carrying out of examination safety declaration" about declaration of safety of high-risk objects. In case of compliance, a positive expert opinion is issued. When discrepancies are found given a list of comments and corrections is. After eliminating observations a second examination is conducted.

Expertise of safety declaration HRO regulated by the following laws and legal acts:

  1. Law of Ukraine «On high-risk objects» №2245-III since 18.01.2001
  2. CMU Decree № 956 since 11.07.2002 «On the identification and declaration of safety of high-risk objects»