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Special training of experts on non-destructive testing

1.   Special training of experts on non-destructive testing in accordance with international and European requirements.

Training Center JE "Technical Supervision Company DIEKS" LLC carries out special training of NDT-personnel on the 1, 2 and 3 levels of qualifications in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9712:2012 «Non-destructive testing - Qualification and certification of NDT personnel»  with a purpose of their further certification by the Personnel Certification Body  in the field of non-destructive testing, in the following NDT methods in the following sectors:

NDT Method Sectors*¹
product sectorsindustrial sectors
Visual testing (VT) с, f, w, t, wp 6, 7
Penetrant testing (РТ) с, f, w, t, wp 6, 7
Magnetic testing (МТ) с, f, w, t, wp 6, 7
Eddy current testing (ET) с, f, w, t, wp 6, 7
Ultrasonic testing (UТ) с, f, w, t, wp 6, 7
- designations of product sectors according to ISO 9712:2012 
Product sectorsIndustrial sectors
   1 (c) – castings;   6 - manufacturing (combination of product sectors: c, f, w, t , wp)
   2 (f) – forgings;   7 - pre and in-service testing which includes manufacturing
   3 (w) – welds;        (combination of product sectors: c, f, w, t , wp)
   4 (t) – tubes and pipes, including flat products for the  
              manufacturing of welded pipes;  
   5 (wp) – wrought products except forgings;  

Special training for NDT is held using training programs, composed with the advice given in ISO/TR 25107:2006 «Non destructive-testing – Guidelines for NDT training syllabuses».

At your request, special training can be carried out on the technical basis of the Customer, in full compliance with all procedures for preparation, subject to prior agreement of all the nuances with the Training Centre.

  • The Center is equipped with modern instruments and equipment of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers for training and qualifying examinations for non-destructive testing methods included in the scope of accreditation Centers.
  • Teachers of Center are highly qualified NDT-experts, certified to Level 2 and 3 qualifications in accordance with ISO 9712:2012, have extensive experience of teaching and practical experience in carrying out NDT of industrial products and technical diagnostics of increased danger equipment.
  • Training center have the necessary funds for international and European regulatory and procedural documentation on NDT, allowing to provide a process for the special training of all necessary regulatory documentation as on the methods of non-destructive testing as by industrial sectors.
  • Training specimens, which are used for special training, are the real parts of industrial production or parts and components of increased danger equipment that allows the practitioner to gain some practical experience in non-destructive testing directly in the course of special training.

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