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Corporate policy

Corporate quality policy of LLC JV «Society of technical supervision DIEKS»

The mission of our organization is to increase the level of industrial and professional safety in the field of labor protection and minimize the technogenic impact on personnel and consumers of our service.

To make this mission complete LLC JV « Technical supervision Company DIEKS» takes responsibility to provide consumers with excellent services in strict accordance with the legislative requirements, which contributes to the implementation of the quality management system in accordance with local standards and ISO 9001:2009.

The quality management system of the Company testing laboratory complies with ISO/IEC17020: 2012.

Accreditation of LLC JV «Technical supervision Company DIEKS» in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020:2012 demonstrates the competence of Company personnel in providing inspection services.

The organization's leadership is committed to continuously monitor processes, service quality, customer satisfaction, to maintain the required level of quality of services, as well as to strive for continuous improvement of quality in relation to the growing needs of consumers and society.

LLC JV «Technical supervision Company DIEKS» and the staff working in the company, is not related to the development, manufacture, supply, installation, purchase, possession, use or maintenance of the facility, where we provide services for industrial safety.

The leadership of LLC JV « Technical supervision Company DIEKS» takes the following responsibilities:

  • ensure compliance with statutory requirements;
  • continually improve the efficiency of the quality management system;
  • completely support all the work, ideas, suggestions of employees aimed at the development and improvement of the quality system;
  • continuously and effective monitoring of all processes of the enterprise;
  • providing training for staff;
  • encourage improvement in the quality of work performed;
  • organize all the necessary resources to achieve planned results and improve the efficiency of quality management system.

To fulfill its obligations the leadership of LLC JV «Technical supervision Company DIEKS» confronts the organization the following requirements:

  • Ongoing review of the needs of consumers through their interviews and questioning by employees of LLC JV «Technical supervision Company DIEKS»;
  • Excellent quality of customer service in our organization;
  • Timeliness of service through strict implementation of the work plans of each employee of the organization;
  • Provision of excellent quality that ensures the necessary qualifications of staff and related resources;
  • Continuous improvement of running processes;
  • Providing clearly-established control of the department heads to perform work to the required quality and stable.

We are aimed to do our best to ensure complete customer satisfaction and to accomplish our mission.